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The Brood

The Brood are insectoid aliens who on average are 8' long. Their weight is variable and the average eyecolor is either yellow or red. There are different appearances and abilities for the different types of Brood. Drones are the lowest type of Brood who mostly take orders from the Queens and Empress. Drones are brown and are usually warriors. The Queens are brown, usually larger and stronger than the drones, and can expel a paralyzing liquid from their mouths. Queens may inject eggs into a host. As the eggs hatch the host becomes a Brood retaining all of the hosts knowledge and abilities. The Brood Empress is also brown and is the most powerful of the Brood. She is massive and is believed to be unable to move from her lair on the Brood's central nest world. The Empress is able to reproduce asexually by laying eggs. All Brood have a psychic link to the Brood Empress.


Awareness 3           Coordination  5          Ingenuity 3
Presence   4             Resolve     4             Strength 3


Athletics 3
Fighting 3
Knowledge ( Bio engineering) 4
Survival 3
Science 4

Alien Appearance (Major)
Armor (Natural Carapace) (minor) (5pts defense)
Flight (Gauze Wings)
Additional Limbs (6 legs and 2 prehensile tendrils)
Fear Factor (1)
Natural Weapons (minor) Teeth damage is Str +2
Networked - The Brood exist as a Hive mind to the Queen
**SPECIAL** - Infection - The Brood Queen can inject brood eggs into a living host,as the eggs hatch the host undergoes a transformation into a brood warrior.
Story Points 3

Home Tech level 7

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