Tuesday, July 22

Blast from my Past - The Day I met Tom Baker


Manaan is an ocean-covered planet,It is home to the amphibious bipedal species known as the Selkath. While the vast majority of Selkath cities are located underwater and out of reach to outsiders, the Selkath built Ahto City, a giant city floating above water, in order to establish a commercial contact center. Notably, Manaan is the only planet where Kolto, a liquid substance with advanced healing properties, can be found, and this product functions as the primary source of commerce on Manaan. Kolto is similar to Bacta which is harvested on the planet Thyferra. Because of Kolto's obvious value, Manaan is a target for the ambitions of both the Galactic Federation and the Galaxy Five confederation, whose rivalry is kept at bay in a delicate and forced balance enforced by the Selkath government in Ahto City. Since the underwater harvesting of the invaluable Kolto is an operation reserved exclusively for the amphibious Selkath, their neutral position is strengthened despite the potential use of overwhelming force by the Galaxy Five confederation.
The water planet is most similar to the planets Kamino and Mon Calamari where similar floating cities are constructed to meet the needs of the many thousands of other species incapable of tolerating ocean living. The massive cities are held afloat by massive repulsor arrays and require routine maintenance, functioning as the single most significant source of import trade on Manaan. Many creatures swim around on the sea floor of the planet, and among them, the deadly Firaxan Sharks stalk the depths.

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