Tuesday, October 28

The Galactic Council

The Galactic Council is the assembly of numerous leaders of different empires across the universe (including other dimensions like Lumic's World or the E-Space universe) created to deal with different matters of the universe.

Adventure Ideas based on the Galactic Council 

  1. The citizens of the grand patriarch of the universal yard approaches the Galactic council in order to get damages that were caused by the Doctor (or another time lord) while battling the daleks. 
  2. The Doctor (or another time lord) has been summoned by the Galactic council to perform a task of grave importance - take the heart of a great vampire to the lava planet Mustafar and using the eternal flames - fully immerse the heart in the eternal lava bed .

Monday, October 27

Doctor Who@ Phoenix Comicon Fanfest 2014

Born in Waterloo in London, England, Colin Baker spent his early life in Rochdale and Manchester. He studied to be a solicitor before enrolling in the  London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art to become a stage and television actor.
Baker’s theater career began in 1969. He has appeared in numerous productions including “The Price of Justice,” “Great Expectations,” “Spider's Web,” “Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune,” “Corpse!,” “She Stoops to Conquer,” “Noises Off,” and “The Woman in White.” In the 1970s, Baker gained prominence playing Paul Merroney in the television series “The Brothers.” He also appeared in “War and Peace,” “The Edwardians,” “A Fall of Eagles,” “The Citadel,” “A Dance to the Music of Time,” and “The Waiting Game.” More recently, Baker has appeared in “Doctors,” “Jonathan Creek,” “Hollyoaks,” “Little Britain,” “Kingdom” and “Hustle.” His film career includes roles in “Dangerous Davies,” “The Airzone Solution,” “The Zero Imperative,” “The Harpist,” “Soul's Ark” and “The Asylum.”
Baker is best known for playing the Sixth Doctor on “Doctor Who” from 1984–1986, beginning with the episode “The Caves of Androzani” where he regenerated from the Fifth Doctor. While he portrayed the Doctor for three seasons on television, Baker also appeared as the Sixth Doctor in Doctor Who audio plays, the stage production “Doctor Who: The Ultimate Adventure”, and the Children in Need sketch "Dimensions in Time.”
Currently Baker is married to actress Marion Wyatt and lives in Buckinghamshire with their four daughters. They also have a menagerie of animals, including two goats, three cats, three dogs, two horses, thirteen guinea pigs, two degus and a hamster.

English actor Paul McGann was born in Liverpool, Lancashire. He attended Cardinal Allen Grammar
School where a teacher encouraged him to pursue acting and he successfully auditioned for the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

McGann’s career began with television appearances on “Give us a Break” and “The Monocled Mutineer.” In film, McGann was in “Withnail and I,” “The Monk,” “Tree of Hands,” “Empire of the Sun,” “The Three Musketeers” and “Alien 3.” Starting in 1989, McGann shifted focus to his television career. He portrayed roles on the series “Nice Town,” “Nature Boy,” “The One That Got Away” and the second series of “Hornblower.”
In 1996, McGann became the Eighth Doctor for the television film “Doctor Who.” The film was produced by the BBC, Universal Studios and Fox. If successful, McGann would continue as the Eighth Doctor in a television series. The series was not picked up, but he continued to play the Eighth Doctor in a series of audio plays, and his image was used on Doctor Who novels. For the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who,” McGann was seen regenerating into the War Doctor on the mini-episode “The Night of the Doctor.”
After his work on “Doctor Who,” McGann has continued to work extensively in television, film and audio productions. Some titles he’s appeared in include “Fairy Tale: A True Story,” “Downtime,” “My Kingdom,” “Queen of the Damned,” “Tripping Over,” “True Dare Kiss,” “Luther” and “Waking the Dead.”
Paul married Anne Marie Milner in 1991. They have two sons: Joe and Jake McGann

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